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Qirat Competition(13 Apr 2023):

In continuum of the extracurricular activities a recitation of Holy Quran Competition was held in the month of Ramadan on the 13th April 2023 among the houses of the institution. The participants details as under:- • Abdul Manaan (Iqbal House) Class 7th Pink • Aisha Bashir (Iqbal House) Class 7th Green • Muhammad Muzamil (Mehjoor House) Class 5th Yellow • Wani Nida (Mehjoor House) Class 3rd Green • Tehniyat Javaid (Sheikh-Ul-Alam House) Class 6th Blue • Muhammad Azan (Sheikh-Ul-Alam House) Class 5th Pink • Abu Bakar (Sayeddain House) Class 6th Yellow • Rabia Javaid (Sayeddain House) Class 6th Green As the recitation of Quran is worship it can’t be given the positions however two judges namely Mufti Bashir Ahmad and Tanveer Ahmad were appointed for the purpose. Mr Javaid Ahmad Wani Hosted the event. The following students were encouraged by giving them first three positions on merits the rest of the students were also included in the hierarchy of the positions to encourage them. The list in sequence is as under:- • Abu Bakar (1st Position) • Rabia Javaid (2nd Position) • Wani Nida (3rd Position) • Muhammad Azan (Participants) • Tehniyat Javaid (Participants) • Abdul Manaan (Participants) • Aisha Bashir (Participants) • Muhammad Muzamil (Participants)

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“Iqra” the First Commandment from Allah to his beloved Messenger “Muhammad (SAW)” is an order from the Almighty “to read”; the name of the institution was unconsciously taken up as Iqra. With the passage of time, we felt the mass of the task which undoubtedly gains inertia with time, we feel weaker and weaker to lift it, Had Allah not shown his Grandeur and Gratitude that blessed us to carry on.

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