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Ali Mohammad Darzi


All praise be to Allah in Whose wishes lies our everything.

SCHOOL as such is a word that takes us away from the concealed and latent realms of our existence.  Those realms if not explored and unfolded can put us in a very great loss so much so that we are thrown into the Caverns  of ignorance and darkness wherefrom it is impossible  to retrieve ourselves. If a person gets drenched  with dirt and it happens to him a numbers of times repeatedly, he starts getting used to it and finally addicted to it, the filth and putrefaction snatches his aesthetic sense, he develops an impaired sensual perception. He doesn’t feel maladjustment, doesn’t desire for a rescue from it. 

The realms need to be explored and unfolded as early as could be done. It should be taken up with zeal and enthusiasm, not as a formality as most of us do it. A number of factors are responsible for our being formal with education. Our modern education system was establishes by British imperialists to cater there administrative requirements. To do that they needed personnel who could communicate with them and could do a little bit of reading and writing. The concept of SLC (school leaving certificate) was inducted for petty administrative jobs. The little education for petty jobe, unfortunately the concept embedded its roots deep into our minds. We are still, after over 70 years, stagnant at ‘education for jobs'.

A child becomes a slave of materialistic world, which ought not to be his vision. Man is the beautiful and miraculous creation of Allah, his creation is not meant for drenching and soiling himself with dirt and filth of the materials world. He has forgotten the job beyond his self. Aspire for something without a personal desire. Be not yourself, for yourself. Be human for humanity. New horizons will be displayed before you. Try it once and experience the innovation. 

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“Iqra” the First Commandment from Allah to his beloved Messenger “Muhammad (SAW)” is an order from the Almighty “to read”; the name of the institution was unconsciously taken up as Iqra. With the passage of time, we felt the mass of the task which undoubtedly gains inertia with time, we feel weaker and weaker to lift it, Had Allah not shown his Grandeur and Gratitude that blessed us to carry on.

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