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Mohammad Yousuf Mir


May the peace and blessing of Allah (SWT) be on all of you. The Institution "Iqra Educational Institute" came into existence in the year 1986. A few classes in a few scattered rooms, limited finances, but high morals, good intentions, and above all courage and enthusiasm in our hearts unconsciously opened the doors of the arena and entered without the knowledge of the challenges that we had to face. There was no turning back as we had burnt the boats of returning and withdrawal. It was the situation of "Do or Die". Today we feel the power of destiny. The institution was destined to come into existence by our hands and Allah made it happen. We bow our heads before his planning and there is no alternative. Thanks to Him for selecting us to do this job. It is an admitted fact that teaching is neither a job nor a business; it is a charity, worship, and service to humanity. Baring all the difficulties that we faced through manifold factors, we feel satisfied and free at heart for the services that we provided and the products that we generated. I am not of the opinion to produce students that could place themselves at good jobs having handsome salaries although this too is an important aspect of life as the boat of life could only be rowed on the waters of money, the boat has its own job to carry its inmates to the safe places, to their destination and out of the unfair and troubled waters. Our job ought to shape men and women into humans. Humans possess the heart of humanity, mind of morality, sympathy, and soul of divinity. No one is perfect but we are on the track and Inshallah will do the job till our last breath and will sow these seeds in each person who is in our hands. It's not out of place to mention and place our gratitude for the persons who have left to the abode of peace but have dedicated themselves to the institution May Allah Bless their souls with kindness and gratitude.

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“Iqra” the First Commandment from Allah to his beloved Messenger “Muhammad (SAW)” is an order from the Almighty “to read”; the name of the institution was unconsciously taken up as Iqra. With the passage of time, we felt the mass of the task which undoubtedly gains inertia with time, we feel weaker and weaker to lift it, Had Allah not shown his Grandeur and Gratitude that blessed us to carry on.

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